Market Ipanema first started in a very unusual place, it was small door that led to a corridor, arriving at a backyard in the heart of Ipanema. Surrounded by banana, pitanga and jabuticaba (all local fruits) trees. The main philosophy was to prove that healthy food could also be delicious.

The restaurant quickly became a success with loyal clients and an extremely happy team. During its five years of existence it reached the top level of the gastronomy in Rio, winning the top prizes of the culinary scene: The Best Light Food Restaurant from O Globo newspaper and the Best Quick Service Restaurant from Veja Rio magazine.

Unfortunately after five years of success we had to close our doors to make space for a “too many stories” commercial building. But not to worry we soon Reopened!In a small store not too far from the first restaurant, now with the grab and go concept but keeping the same culinary beliefs and incorporating new products.
And again, all went great and we are opening two new stores one in Downtown Rio and one in Nolita, New York City.

We are waiting for you with our doors fully opened!