V Vegan
GF Gluten-Free Ingredients (but we are not a Gluten-Free facility)
SF Sugar-Free

If you don’t find what you are looking for just ask us and we will prepare it!

Irving Farm

Organic Drip $3,80

Espresso $3,00

Macchiato $3,30

Cappuccino $4,00

Latte $4,50

Organic Cold Brew $4,00

Organic Teas $3,00

Green Juice (Kale, apple, cucumber, celery and ginger) V GF $9,00

Berry Smoothie (organic yogurt mixed with banana & berries) GF $10,00

Acai Smoothie (Mixed with banana and berries) GF V $10,00

Seasonal Juices
Watermelon, mint + ginger
Red grapes + coconut water

Traditional Açaí Bowl (Mixed with bananas, served with homemade granola and fruits) V GF $11,00

Superfood Açaí Bowl (Mixed with avocado, coconut oil and dates, served with chia and flax seeds, organic cocoa powder, coconut flakes, bananas, blueberries and homemade granola) V GF SF $13,00

Homemade Granola (with your choice of milk or organic yogurt served with berries ) GF $9,00

Hot Oatmeal with Granola (with water or your choice of milk (organic whole milk, homemade almond, coconut or soy) GF $9,00

All with fresh wholewheat bread made in house
all served with green salad

add an organic poached egg or avocado +$1.70 each

AB & J Toast (homemade almond butter & jam) V $6,00

Avocado Toast (chia seeds & roasted organic tomatoes) V $7,50

Marinated Organic Salmon Toast (homemade ricotta & herbs) $9,00

Grilled Cheese Toast (organic tomato pesto) $7,00

Organic Salmon Burger (cilantro pesto & mango salsa) $14,00

Seasonal Veggie Burgers

Quina, buckwheat and veggies burger with our beet ketchup and our ginger and scallion salsa

A very popular Brazilian born dish, made from Cassava (Yuca) starch,
that can have all sorts of savory and sweet fillings.

Avocado and cashew cream (chia, pumpkin seeds & roasted tomatoes) V GF $6,00

Gruyere Cheese (flax seeds, herbs and roasted onions) GF $6,00

Goat Cheese & Mushrooms (pink pepper, corn, thyme & rosemary) GF $6,00

Organic chicken and Parmesan cheese (hemp seeds, basil pesto) GF $8,00

Seasonal Tapiocas
Banana Jam with coconut flakes $7

All served with Greens

Arugula, Spinach & Flax Seeds (tomatoes, quinoa, carrots, roasted mushrooms & balsamic dressing) V GF $12,00

Black Beans & Organic Chicken (tomatoes, peppers, corn, heart of palm, cilantro pesto) GF $13,00

Chickpea & Organic Chicken (caramelized onion, organic carrots with arugula pesto) GF $13,00

add an organic poached egg or avocado +$1,70
add organic chicken +$2,70
add organic salmon +$4

Organic Quinoa (roasted veggies, mint & lemon pesto) V GF $11,00

Brown Rice (roasted veggies, mushrooms, basil pesto, parmesan cheese) GF $12,00

Veggie Bowl (sweet potatoes, leek, carrots, zucchini, crispy kale & seeds) V GF $12,00

Seasonal Hot Bowls

Lemmon Risoto with shrimp and asparagus $17

Organic Salmon Filet (baked with pumpkin seeds, served with black rice and asparagus and a ginger & scallion salsa) GF $15,00

Organic Chicken Breast (mango chutney & roasted veggies with flax seeds) GF $13,00

Baked daily – contain nuts

Banana Bread V GF SF $4,00

Chocolate Brownie GF $3,00

Corn Meal GF V $2,00

Carrot Cake GF $1,50

Chocolate Cookie GF $2,00

Oatmeal cookie GF $2,00

Coconut Cookie V GF SF $2,00